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National Overseer
Bishop Dr. Franklin M. Ferguson

District Overseer
Bishop Dr. Woodley C. Thompson  

Senior Pastor
Minister Maurice D. Simms

Associate Pastor
Minister Darrel L. Ferguson



Church of God of Prophecy Bahamas

Church of God of Prophecy International

Profile of Minister Maurice D. Simms, MAR., J.P.

Maurice’s spiritual formation began in Cabbage Hill Crooked Island, where he grew up with his grandparents Samuel and Anna/Helen Simms. Although being spiritually nurtured in the home and St. Paul’s Baptist Church, he did not experience a personal encounter with Jesus Christ until after graduating high school. May 1, 1988 is forever etched in Maurice’s mind as he had this personal, spiritual encounter and was born again while his mother and other sisters at the Ladies Retreat were praying for their children. From this day, his quest was to fulfill God’s purpose for his life. 

After migrating to New Providence in 1986, Maurice became a member of the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP), East Street Tabernacle, Nassau Bahamas in 1988 where he served in numerous capacities, which assisted in his spiritual development. These include Acting Pastor, member of the Administrative Committee and Evangelism Team, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Ministries Director, Youth Choir Director and Musician. He was afforded many ministry opportunities both nationally and in the United States of America. Maurice is passionate about spreading the Gospel through all of the medium available, whether through tracts, audio, visual, social media etc.  

Maurice is the Senior Pastor of the COGOP, Fox Hill, having been installed on March 30, 2015. A licensed Minister in the COGOP, he is passionate about the Lord and ministering to people. He has seen and experienced God as a provider, healer, deliverer, revealer of truth and in many other supernatural ways. 

He completed many of COGOP’s courses through Bible Training Institute (BTI), Center for Biblical Leadership (CBL) and Leadership Development Institute (LDI). He graduated with honors from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, Massachusetts in May 2018 with a Masters of Arts in Religion.  

Vocationally, Maurice is professionally licensed in both Civil and Structural Engineering in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. He became a Justice of the Peace in December 2016 and a Marriage Office in 2018 in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  

December 4, 1993, is paramount in Maurice’s mind as he was united in holy matrimony to his love, Annavee Simms nee Hart. Annavee has been his ministry partner ever since and is equally passionate about the Lord, ministering to people and reaching the lost. They served together as Co-Youth Directors at the COGOP East Street local church. One of his favorite sayings in reference to his wife is “I do what I do because she does what she does”. The couple is blessed with two daughters, Marisiana and Monaye Simms. They are both academically astute, great athletes and a part of the ministry of the church. 

He is passionate about Jesus Christ! Passionate about his family! Passionate about ministering to people! Passionate about writing! Passionate about music! Purpose Driven! God Ordained! 

The scriptures that have been his mantra are:

Mat 6:10 & 13b “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 

For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen”.


Daniel Scott (1913-1915)
David Lafleur (1915-1917)
Plurality Team (1917-1925)
Estella B. Lafleur, John F. Ferguson, William Butler, Amos Humes, Richard Bevans, William Jarrett, George Burnside and William E. Taylor led the ministry until 1925 when the church was reorganized in the Bahamas.  
John Henry Davis (1925 – 1926)
Herman Oliver (1926-1932)
James Patton (1932-1934)
Hermis Ferguson (1934-1938)
Victoria E. Whylly (1938 -1956)
Henry Butler (1956-1965)
James S. Curry (1965-1972)
Cephas Ferguson (1972-1973)
Henry Butler (1973-1988)
Frank Jepthah Cunningham (1988-1993)
Uzziah Cooper (1993-2000)
Felix Forbes (2000-2009)
Stephen Green, Associate Pastor (2002-2003)
Desmond Peters, Associate Pastor (2003-2007)
Peter Hanna, Associate Pastor (2007-2008)
Paulette Johnson (2009-2015)
Deannie Johnson, Associate Pastor (2009-2015)
Maurice D. Simms (2015- current)
Darrel L. Ferguson, Associate Pastor (2015- current)

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