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To experience and demonstrate the Kingdom of God in a Multi-Cultural, Multi-National Community, while spreading God’s message to the entire world with excellence.


To experience the Kingdom of God through Prayer and Fasting, the Word, Praise and Worship, Fivefold Ministry, Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit, Evangelism and Fellowship.


I.    Prayer & Fasting
We foster a passion for the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting, which are necessary for our spiritual growth and underpin everything we do.

II.    The Word
We accept the Bible as the Word of God, believe and practice its teachings rightly divided - the New Testament as our rule of faith, practice, government and discipline, and walk in the light to the best of our knowledge and ability. 

III.    Praise and Worship
We believe in cultivating an attitude of gratitude to God through our consistent lifestyle of praise and worship.

IV.    Five Fold Ministry
We embrace the ministries of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers and believe that they work in harmony to produce properly equipped disciples of Jesus Christ.

V.    Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit
We embrace the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the manifestation of the fruits and gifts of the Spirit in the lives of believers. 

VI.    Evangelism
We embrace Jesus’ commission to teach and preach the Gospel and make disciples throughout the world. 

VII.    Fellowship
We believe in cultivating a Christ-centered community that provides holistic ministry where true communion of believers are realized.


I.    Prayer & Fasting
To develop a passion for prayer and fasting through teachings, messages and Bible studies such that they become our lifestyles and not events.

II.    The Word
To teach the Word of God in its fullness so that His rule and reign would be realized in the hearts of people. 

III.    Praise and Worship
To cultivate and embrace praise and worship in corporate settings and foster lifestyles of praise and worship 

IV.    Fivefold ministry
To embrace God’s ministry through the offices He has established for the perfecting of His church, work of the ministry and edifying of His body. 

V.    Fruits & Gifts of the Spirit
To foster accountability relative to the Fruits of the Spirit and provide the environment for the cultivation and manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit.

VI.    Evangelism
To build the kingdom of God through effective evangelism.

VII.    Fellowship
To establish fellowship with the view to developing a relationship within the congregation that extends beyond the corporate service setting.

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